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Store Fronts...

  • The Storefront Add On offers you the opportunity to increase your earnings potential and increased listings exposure on the site. Listed below are just a few examples of the advantages you will have when they purchase a Storefront Subscription:
  • Increased listing exposure which helps the chances of selling your items.
  • Sellers have their own unique URL path that you can advertise in emails, on websites, etc.
  • Sellers can turn "off" Storefront from being displayed during set up and maintenance.
  • A Sellers "Storefront" column is displayed on the main site's category pages which will draw the attention of visitors to sellers who have Storefronts
  • Sellers listings automatically populate into the Storefront...nothing more for them to do.
  • Sellers can upload their own logo and slogan.
  • Sellers can choose from any number of Storefront templates that are offered
  • Sellers can create their own category structure unique to their Storefront.
  • Sellers can create and populate their own "extra pages" to provide more information to visitors.
  • Sellers can create their own newsletters and allow visitors to subscribe directly through the Storefront
  • Sellers can get personal traffic information for their Storefront.

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